Founded 1946, by Geoffrey Beard

Stourbridge Historical Society

The Annual General meeting was attended by 67 members. Secretary David Hickman will detail the meeting in full in due course. 

At the close of the business section of the meeting refreshments were taken then President Michael Blamire-Brown announced that entertainment would follow. It was intriguingly entitled “Dress the Lady”. The lady in question was Outings Organiser for the society Gill Turner who gamely agreed to be dressed in Elizabethan costume. The first item was a chemise or shift made of linen; very useful as it was highly absorbent. It was explained that a lady would change her chemise twice a day. This was followed by a red underskirt. Red in colour because this was considered to promote good health.  A corset in the shape of an inverted cone followed. It was shocking to learn that children as young as 2 years wore corsets. A farthingale was next to give the outfit shape followed by a dress with a “v” shape set into it to showcase the patterned skirt underneath. It was clear from Gill’s demeanour that costume was both weighty and cumbersome. Two types of ruff were demonstrated and the whole outfit was topped off by a headdress. Gill looked splendid! A description followed of the clothing worn by gentlemen of the era as sported by one of the dressers. This included doublet, puffed out leggings, lederhosen and a codpiece which attracted some considerable interest. It was a very entertaining evening.

President Michael Blamire-Brown wished everyone a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year and announced that the first meeting of 2019 will be take place on 17th January when Peter Bates will deliver 'A History of English Graveyards.'