Founded 1946, by Geoffrey Beard

Stourbridge Historical Society


The Annual General Meeting was attended by 73 members and 9 visitors.

The retiring President Chris Glaze-Millis invested the incoming President, Michael Blamire-Brown with the President’s chain of office.  Trevor Sidaway was elected as Vice-President. The retiring President was thanked for her service to the Society which during her term of office had seen an increase in membership and interest in the Society.

Following refreshments, the meeting was addressed by John Sparry the well known local historian, raconteur and jazz musician. John’s house at Wall Heath was a museum and a bookshop.  He worked on the principle of keeping things “in case they came in useful”,

John was inspired by the Colleyer Brothers Homer and Langley of the USA who were well known hoarders who had a Model T Ford in their front room and owned 17 pianos.

John produced a tin with tallow candles as once used by miners as well as a tin from 1947 containing powdered egg (“in case it came in useful”).  Other artefacts included a wire toasting fork, a Dutch oven and a bar of original Lever soap.

John also entertained the meeting with light hearted jokes and readings.

The next meeting of the Society will be held on Thursday 18th January at 7.30 p.m. in the Wollaston Room Stourbridge Town Hall. The speaker will be Julian Hunt on “Worcestershire Turnpike Roads”.