Founded 1946, by Geoffrey Beard

Stourbridge Historical Society

17 November 2016

Seventy members and twelve visitors were present.  The President, Chris Glaze-Millis introduced one of the society’s most popular speakers Dr Gillian White, who gave an illustrated talk entitled ‘Henry VIII and the Field of Cloth of Gold’.  This event took place, near to Calais, between 7th and 24th June 1520.  It was a meeting, organised by Cardinal Wolsey, between England’s Henry VIII and France’s Francis I.  No expense was spared by either king.  ‘Cloth of gold’ was an expensive fabric woven with silk and gold thread.  A tremendous amount of this fabric was used for clothes and for the tents, hence the event was so named.  There were about 6000 horsemen, foot soldiers and servants on each side.  They were accommodated in a village of tents and pavilions.  Henry brought with him a temporary palace of timber and canvas and there was a tiltyard where jousting took place.  Although it had been agreed that the two kings should not joust with each other they did have a wrestling match which Henry lost. This extravagant meeting, which included much feasting and dancing made a glamorous impression but resulted in little political advantage.  In fact relations between the two countries worsened not long afterwards.Type your paragraph here.