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Stourbridge Historical Society

A small group of members visited the Birmingham Museums Collection Centre at Dollman Street where thousands upon thousands of rarely seen objects are stored.

Our guide explained that one visitor had remarked that the Centre was where “Indiana Jones met IKEA” and it is easy to see why.  The Centre is a vast warehouse of all kinds of different objects all carefully indexed and stored.  A large room with cages contained small objects which are first put into freezers to avoid pest infestation and then stored in secure cages where the objects can be viewed. The objects here ranged from stuffed animals, small skeletons, toys, dolls to vintage cameras and footware.

We were then taken to the large storage area containing racks from floor to ceiling with aisles on which all types of artefacts were neatly displayed. 

A Hoover vacuum cleaner from 1934 with 40 years use and a 1910 washing machine with wringer showed how domestic tasks have changed.

The members had an enjoyable afternoon visiting the Centre ending with tea, biscuits and a chat before departing for home.

A further display area held a collection of cars, motor cycles and industrial equipment such as lathes pumps, jet engines and computer consoles, no doubt all state of the art in their time.


An Armstrong Siddeley “Foursome” from 1935

Guided tour to Birmingham Museums Collections Centre on 27 April 2017.

Photographs taken with kind permission of the Birmingham Museums Trust

A Dennis Fire Engine built in 1913 and used in a Birmingham factory