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Stourbridge Coat of Arms


In 1914 Stourbridge Urban District Council was incorporated as a borough. The Charter of Incorporation arrived at Stourbridge in October with the new Borough Council having its first meeting in November 1914.  Much of the research required in the preparation of the incorporation case had been carried out by John Harward, a Stourbridge solicitor who was also a member of Worcestershire County Council.  Mr Harward then worked on behalf of the new borough to obtain a coat of arms for Stourbridge.  This was achieved in 1917.

Relevance of the symbols that are illustrated on the coat of arms

In 1914 Stourbridge was part of the county of Worcestershire.  Pears appear on the Worcestershire coat of arms and refer to the fruit growing industry in the county.

The bridge is a reference to Stourbridge’s name.  The bricks that make up the bridge arch relate to the area’s brickmaking and clay mining industries.

This refers to another local industry, chain making.

The fleece suspended from the bridge relates to the skin and leather dressing industries; important in Stourbridge in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The fleece also relates to the wool and cloth trades of earlier times.

Stourbridge Motto: ‘One Heart. One Way’

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